6 Tips To Create A New Habit

10 May

When will this end?! As fanatics of martial arts we want nothing more than to get back training, teaching or both! Is it just me or do days of the week not exist any more, March & April felt like a year and any work-life balance is non-existent? We need to create new habits to adapt best to these sudden changes in life but as stubborn human beings and creatures of habits, it's quite a challenge. 

Do you want to know some of my best tips to create a new habit and stick with it? 

In this article, I wil show you six ways to create a new habit to lead you to achieving that goal you aim for whether it's a better, happier lifestyle, starting your martial arts training or wasting less time with poor productivity.

Children can be extremely adaptable! I have been teaching martial arts in Bromley and TunbrCredit - Daily Mailidge Wells to children for over 7 years now having started as an assistant at 15 years old. I had trained the same martial arts as I was assisting with since I was 8 years old but adapting from training to teaching isn't always an easy transition! What I have really seen though that children can change and adapt much better than adults do with any situation whether to do with martial arts or any change. But this article is for you, the parents and adults on how to change and make new habits!

I'm sure those working in crowded cities like in London don't miss the manic, sweaty and expensive commute to work but deep down, you can't deny it's part our our daily routine. Maybe we should recreate the journey like these lads in the picture! Losing a routine is hard but getting into a new routine is even more difficult. 

How long does it take to create a new habit? 30 days on average. Going into a lockdown has been a massive hit across the globe and most people have had to change how we live our lives in every way with very little notice and no choice. We have to work at home, homeschool your child, exercise by yourself without being in a class or with a personal trainer. Martial arts for children and adults is a social activity and about physical interaction but adapting to training online is the type of adaptability needed to train martial arts!

So how can you create a new habit and stick with it?

1. Commit! - at first a new habit is strange. It's not what you're used to and very easy to slip into old ways. If you can use your mental willpower to get through the first days and weeks, you have no excuse to quit!

2. Make a routine - if you want to make a habit stick and commit to it, you must make a routine to stick to. If the routine is not going well, change it. Stick to the class timetable and communicate with your instructor. 

3. Make the new habit simple - Rome wasn't built in a day. You have started a new martial arts class but struggle at first? Do not give up! Too many I have seen start training go in at 100% and then leave in a click of a finger. Little but often. Do not try and do everything all at once. It's hard to change your diet, get into a workout plan and remember to drink lots more water while cutting down on all those coffees all at the same time!

4. Be inspired by a role model - there's a whole world out there of inspiration from people who know how you feel and have gone through the same or similar journey as you, you are not alone! Currently everyone is doing online fitness, online yoga, online learning. We are never alone in our journey. The more time you spend with a person or being around them, the more habits you mirror.

5. Do it for yourself, not for others! - life cannot just be about impressing others. Make that change in your life to be for you and only you. For example, if you lose weight to fit in with the standards of society and be like an instagram model, you are doing it for the wrong reason and not only can make feel anxious and depressed due to the pressure to have an unrealistic body (which depends on your body type) but you are not doing it for yourself.

6. Enjoy it! - enjoy your change and make it something you enjoy! Enjoy the new martial arts classes, enjoy training with your new buddies, enjoy the exercise, enjoy the new job. If you do not enjoy it, either change routine or the whole change itself or find what you enjoy the most about your new routi8ne, diet or activity. 

It is easy enough me typing these out and not being honest! Change is not easy for anyone and it is down to you to work hard at achieving what you want to achieve. My biggest task and challenge has been closing the Kung Fu Bromley school physically and moving it online. Then being comfortable teaching on camera. It took around a month and I still struggle but has found it to be enjoyable! I'm naturally shy but work hard to adapt and be the best instructor I can be online and in person!

If you do want to start your change with martial arts or your child to train with us, you can fill out the contact form on the homepage or follow our social media accounts below and get in contact. We have online classes via Zoom for children ages 3+ and adult martial arts and fitness classes as well. 



Also check out our free martial arts videos and challenges for children by clicking here.

Keep active and healhy and see you either in the next blog or in class!


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