Welcome Card Competiton

1 min read


We have a task for you!

We need you to design a new digital welcome card featuring the design of the winner of each age group that will be sent to every new student who joins our classes. 


Friday 15th May at 7pm

Details and Specifications: 

  1. Size - A4 or A5 

  2. It must include the logo at the bottom of the text in any colour

  3. It must include the word welcome

  4. It must have a martial arts or ninja theme

  5. Please add your name (full name or just first name) and age to it

Colours for each age group: 

  • Ages 3-5: use green in the design

  • Ages 6-8: use blue in the design

  • Ages 9-12: use orange in the design

How to submit: 

  1. Take a picture or scan the design 

  2. Send to Henry via whatsapp/messenger/signal/email