Motor Skill Learning Accredited Centre

Motor Skill Learning Accredited Centre  

We’ve been using the Motor Skill Learning P.E. curriculums for ages 3-7 to help run our classes for awhile now, and one of the reasons I’m such a fan is the way the platform just keeps adding new content. 

They release 4 new videos with new & creative activities every week, add special programs using just one teaching aid, update their equipment list continuously... all at no additional cost. 

What makes the most difference to me is the regular update of their existing curriculums, putting the most popular games & challenges at the beginning in each of the 4 P.E.curriculums.

Let me tell you why this matters so much: 

To run an exciting sports program or be competitive with sports programs, you need to consistently come up with new & different activities.
If you keep running the same old lesson plans like so many overpriced franchisees who haven’t changed their curriculums for years, people will go elsewhere.

The Motor Skill Learning system can easily be implemented in a variety of different settings, even by teachers with little or no experience. It’s a professional program at a minimal cost and can provide a world-class value-add for your organization.

You’ll have a hard time achieving the same result when you try to do all the research yourself, not even knowing if the activities work at all. If you’d like to start, grow or take your sports programs for kindergarten to the next level, check them out here:

Full transparency: As you might imagine, the above link is an affiliate link, and if you sign up, we make a commission as a MotorSkillLearning Partner (at no extra cost to you).
We only ever recommend products that we know, love, and use personally to this day. MotorSkillLearning is 100% that. 

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